Mount Moriah is one of the best bands of the last few years. While their new album is good, I posted their first full length for you to check out. It is, hands down, their best. The blend of indie sensibilities and mountain folk (there in mood more than music) sounds like a plugged-in and pissed off Gillian Welch. Vocally, the tone of Heather McEntire carries such a weight beyond sweetness. More mournful than lullaby, each song sounds like a goodbye or long remembrance.

Their bio calls out the tension between Southern identity, music and the desire for something new and modern, their, “cathartic¬†vision for their home and themselves is writ large in their lovingly critical negotiation with romantic, political, and gender identities; geographical perspective; confrontation and forgiveness. The drive for change, resolute but tinged with regret, is arrestingly captured in the cover image of a burning barn.”


Check out these lyrics:

“There were no accidents;
We asked for this.
But the South is not out West.
There’s nothing gentle about
Our stomachs full of gin.
We are alive, and we have no regrets.”


“If thievery has a voice to sing
It’s the choice and sound of moving hands
Over social wedding rings.”


both from “Social Wedding Ring.s”

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