Unintended Consequences

A pair of Dutch filmmakers have recently released a film project called, Empire: The unintended consequences of colonialismIn the small clips I have seen, it looks phenomenal. A cinema verite look at the current cultures left in the ripples of part colonial domination.

Check out the website here for more info and clips:  http://empireproject.eu/

There is a clip on the site filmed in South Africa, specifically in a township called Orania, that shows a white community on the edges. They claim to be okay with black African neighbors but at the same time build walls and keep them at bay. Tolerance should not be confused with tolerance.


One sad and tragic scene shows a young girl singing about knowing Jesus in a field surrounded by heroes of White Afrikaaner Apartheid South Africa, with no apparent understanding of the irony (by irony, I mean tragic disconnection).


Speaking of South Africa, I still cannot make sense of Die Antwoord. Are they shock jocks seeking to make money off of racially charged ideas (see their Lady Gaga, blackface, weird video for evidence) or somehow genius satirists using zef culture to lampoon and spotlight the hypocrisy of white South Africans?

Q: What do see you as the unintended consequences of colonialism?

What the hell is Die Antwoord all about? 

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