Are you familiar with South African band BLK JKS (pronounced Black Jacks). Their albums are phenomenal works of intense, frenetic, psych rock mixed with South African rhythms. Seriously, super good.

I just watched their music video for the song, “Molalatladi,” one of my favorites on the album After Robots.

View it here:

The vide features some of South Africa’s finest surfers. “Surfers,” you ask?  “I didn’t see any surfers. ”

Train surfers. I also recently watched the documentary, Surfing Soweto, about the subculture of train surfing in South Africa. Wikipedia describes the film here:

Surfing Soweto is the story of a forgotten generation: Bitch Nigga, Lefa and Mzembe are three of the most notorious train surfers in Soweto. They represent a generation of alienated youth, born during the glowing promise after the demise ofapartheid and yet without the skills or wherewithal to reap the benefits of their newly-won freedoms. Surfing Soweto shows them riding on the top of trains, ducking as they hurtle past lethal electrical cables, and also in the intimacy of their homes and families.


So check out Blk Jks (on Spotify) and Surfing Soweto (on Netflix Instant).

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