I am not a Christian.

I am currently reading, A History of the Church in Latin America: Colonialism to Liberation, by Enrique Dussel. I mentioned it here before. Like before, it is kicking my ass. 

I just read this:

“Faith is the practical understanding of what it means to be Christian, of divine Being, of being a part of the mystery of salvation that establishes a relationship between creation and history. It s the comprehension of the interpersonal Mystery of God that establishes a new order between human beings and history through the Covenant, the Church, and the Kingdom. This Christian being is not an abstraction. It is my being Christian and our being Christian in this age. It is not a universal command that applies to everyone. It is my being Christian and our being Christian. We will not, or course, be completely Christian, for our being as such is never totally complete. There is always the possibility of being that lies before us. History has not stopped and will never stop until God wills it. Faith, therefore, is the concrete, existential and comprehension of the Christian being and of the possibility of being. This possibility of being, moreover, is what opens the future, a future that is moving toward us and which draws us expectantly towards it. We move toward that which is coming. We journey on in the hope that Christ is coming (the Parousia, the Advent). This understanding Christian being as that which is coming indicates that our being is always out there before us. Its essence precedes us as the horizon of the pampa precedes the gaucho galloping toward it. There is always an, ‘eschatological remainder’ before us, a kind of projected future. This is, therefore, analectic comprehension, comprehension that is revealed from beyond the horizon.”


Faith is a process of our becoming. It is dependent on our participation. It is not a title we choose and birth and carry with us, it is about our joining and being an active part of a community through service, worship and participation. So no, I am not a Christian. I hope to be. 

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