God Loves Uganda.

I have not seen this film yet but am ready to be shocked, saddened and enraged. I am looking forward to seeing it in a strange way, I want to have my eyes opened and my heart broken for my brothers and sisters.

As I have not seen it, I can’t write much but check out Africa Is A Country and their review here. 

Christianity Today had a recent post about it that rubbed me the wrong way. John Stackhouse seems to shift the blame to the director, claiming his evangelophobia is equal to the homophobia in the movie. Since I have not seen the film, I cannot comment to much. But the two seem very different. 1) Gays being ostracized and beaten and sentenced to death with no civil rights and a fearful oppression or 2) Someone criticizing some white evangelicals who get to come home to wealth and contentment. Hmmm, not exactly symmetrical. Check his review here. 



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