An Unquiet Mind

One of my best friends, Zeke Morphis, has recently released an album of dark, honest, and introspective songs. The album, “Unquiet Mind” is a simple acoustic record. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. These songs are journeys to the dark night of the soul. These songs are explorations of the struggles he, and all of us, have.

Lyrics can be dark and sometimes that is all they are. But Zeke’s lyrics are more than that. They are dark and honest. They are dark and real. They are dark and not only dark. Zeke is about naming. We must name our sins, struggles, and demons in order to overcome them. This album doesn’t wallow in despair. Yes, it travels to some harrowing places but it also lifts the listener out of them. Songs don’t exist on their own but follow in the wake of our experiences. This is especially true of Ezekiel Morphis. His songs are entries in a diary, many of them pulled from real life. It would be hard to separate the man from the music and you probably shouldn’t try. The music would suffer from a lack of him, and he would be less of a man without it. So don’t be afraid of the darkness, dive into it. That is a lesson I learned from Ezekiel and that is a lesson you will learn from his music. If nothing else, you will learn that something beautiful, like a song, may come of it.

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