SEPTEMBER 11th and Adulthood. Part 3.


These notions of memory, what is or what was real or not, and how much does that even matter? These notions have been with me a few years, perhaps why I’ve collected thoughts in my journal on this to keep me meditating.


How much of the past is real and how much never existed? I know I watched Red Dawn with friends and I know Shannon came spouting scriptures but was it that day or the next? Did I really see my Dad standing in the street with talking to the neighbor? He has corroborated some of the story but is the rest true? Does it need to be?

Adulthood surprised me that day as I stubbornly held on to youth. Maybe everyone wants to go back to what it was before but we can’t and I can’t. There was no certainty. The naiveté of youth was gone. So now we forge ahead and make our own paths like we make our own memories.

September 11th  may be more fuzzy remembrance than we would like to admit as we shout out, “Never Forget!” 1

How could we forget?

Also, how can we remember?


1 A girl I knew in High School got the Twin Towers tattooed on her arm with “Never Forget” under them. We asked if she had any family in the tragedy, she said no. At first we made fun of her, a voluntary victim trying to glom onto the grief. But now, I realize that we all were affected, in unknown ways. It victimized our nation, our culture and especially young people who were waking up to their first tragedy.

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