What Persecution Is. Part 2.

What Persecution Is. is a series about faith, gender, sexuality, race, culture and identity. Starting out the series is explored between Jake Dockter (at The Great White Whale) and Sarah and Lindsey (at A Queer Calling). If you would like to join the conversation, please do, but let us know about it so we converse with you! We want to join in dialogue. 


Wow. Sarah and Lindsey posted a phenomenal look at What Persecution Is. They really stepped it up and now I’m gonna have to come back with something amazing.

This post will be short. I recently saw a trailer for the “documentary” (propaganda piece) by Focus on the Family, called Irreplaceable. 

You can view it here:

Currently making the rounds, and featuring our friend from last week Gabe Lyons and his wife, the film is problematic at best. Mark Morford reviewed the film and said,

While the words “gay marriage” appear nowhere in the trailer, the entire movie is anti-gay/anti-independent thought propaganda, masquerading as a feel-good documentary. It pretends to listen to alternative views. It allows others to speak about their hook-ups and their non-traditional families. It then comes right back to the main point: only God. Or else.

I plan to see the film, for no other reason than to discuss it here, but lets look to Morford on What Persecution Is. Apparently the director of the film is claiming he is being persecuted for his beliefs and his film. Apparently receiving criticism for a film that attacks a portion of the population counts as persecution. Morford calls him to task quickly.

Jim Daly is actually claiming persecution. He’s claiming censorship. He’s actually asserting that people are judging his movie’s obvious message of intoleranceunfairly – the same one-sided message, mind you, that’s sanctioned violence and abuse against gays – not to mention women, minorities and those with differing religious views – for centuries.

He continues by calling out Mr. Daly directly.

How dare you. How f—king dare you try and appropriate the language and cultural position of those who’ve been repressed, silenced, beaten and killed for centuries, simply for wishing to openly embrace – and even marry – the person they love, when it’s groups exactly like yours that have done the oppressing.

How dare you suggest the fault for many of the world’s ills lies with those millions of humans who refuse to obey your pseudo-traditional, one man/one woman, “God’s law” Christian family dictum, the same dictum that’s proven a near-complete failure in your very own country. Have you no shame? Does your God?

Again, the disproportionate and completely asymmetric use of the term, “persecution” is so quick to the tongues of these conservatives. But please, honestly, Mr. Daly…how are you being persecuted? Really? I am sure you read my blog (ha!).

I have emailed Mark Morford and asked him to participate, or to allow us to republish his piece in whole. Please forgive me for quoting so much of it but he raises greta points. The appropriation of language is problematic and exactly what we are exploring here. If nothing else, I hope to call a loud and emphatic BULLSHIT! but maybe we can also spark some conversation.



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