New Direction

Yes, I am an activist at heart.

Or maybe I am just an American Don Quixote, tilting at windmills. Probably the latter.

I don’t intend to curb my activism and outrage just focus it. Mostly I’m not gonna splatter it all over the internet like liberal Tourette’s or a shotgun of indignation. I’ve been looking at that in myself and hope to corral that energy into something better.

So this blog is gonna take a new direction. I am going to do what I’m good at and hopefully provide some thought, words, and interactions on something we could all actually use. We don’t need another angry pundit. I am sorry for becoming that (and see my previous posts on it).

I will be exploring modern art, literature, and music here. Think pop culture analysis from a progressive faith perspective. Think book reviews, art critiques, and album recommendations. Yes, some activism will pop up from time to time in my words on novels or poetry I am reading. I won’t hide who I am and that is unabashedly leftist. But if nothing else I want to contribute to the conversation in helpful ways.

Please keep reading and please keep connecting. Lets converse and dialogue about all this stuff. But for now, I hope to focus and look at the stuff I love and really chase my great white whales not just shoot at anything that moves in the water.


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