My Writing and Projects.

Places my writing appears:

Raising a Racist Child? An Open Letter to Adam Grant.” – The Huffington Post.

An Open Letter to Felix Baumgartner.” – The Huffington Post.

Rob Bell Likes His Art Chocolate.” – Patrol Magazine.

How Publishers Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Technology.” – Publishers Weekly.


The Book I Edited:

American Dreamers. – Sharp Stuff/ Wieden+ Kennedy.

The press for it:

Fast Company. 

The Takeaway. 

The Oregonian. 

American Dreamers Collection at Medium.

Download a sampler of the book featuring Arianna Huffington, Ed Finn, Claire Evans (of YACHT), K. Michael Merrill, Cindy Gallop, Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage (of The Mythbusters), Stan Lee, Baratunde Thurston, Matthew Matthew, John Hockenberry, Ani Zonneveld, and Dr. Robert Zubrin.    Download .pdf here: American Dreamers

My art:

You can view and purchase some photographs, prints, and various products featuring my art here: 

Check out the collaborative work I do with Jake Dorr: The Jakes. 



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